Exterior walls

JBF – What a Block!

Little did we know what we actually committed to, when it was agreed between us and the Justbiofiber company, to use their “bio-legoblocks” in our home as their first residential application, using them as the exterior walls of our net zero home. The JBF company webpage promised impressive performance of the blocks in all important respects; high insulation, sustainable, non-toxic.

Each of these blocks have two parts which integrally contribute to their performance; a structural frame which provides global strength for walls built using them, high resistance to tension, compression, bending, twisting etc., whilst the hemp/lime/water mix provides high insulation value, whilst the blocks are inert, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted.
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Home Design & Vision

Our home is designed to have spaces for two individuals working at home –  a generous space for an art studio and an office/work space. We will also include a greenhouse room, a space to grow own food – ready for a hydroponic system, whilst also providing a nice sitting area in the middle of the greenery.

The home is designed by Anderson Greenplan, a company that believes humans must be more sustainable in their approach to creating homes and communities.
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