Harmless Home

We had a dream – to find a way to convert our life to more sustainable, to leave the earth as a better, healthier place to live for the future generations.

Thus far we have taken steps – we already drive only electric cars and have solar panels; both for water heating and photo voltaic, and have cut our water consumption to less than half from our earlier level. Yet we found that these steps alone were a small step, addressing only a fraction of what can be done within reason.

Current blog – with many instalments to follow the project – presents our next, much bigger step; designing and building a sustainable pioneering home for working, living a simple life whilst also being able to grow some own food within the home.

Our main target for this pioneering home was to follow the principle:

First do no harm

After initial contemplation of how to do this we realized that the process of building a home, consuming various materials and living in a home will cause many kinds of unavoidable harm. The best we can achieve is to identify the types of consumption and harm, establish a way to asses/measure these and to do our best to minimize the disturbance we cause to nature and our healthy living environment. We call our project:

A harmless home  

We decided to focus on at least the following:

– reducing consumption of natural resources – for construction and during the lifetime of the home

– making the home a healthy and comfortable place for the inhabitants

– making building the home economical, feasible to adopt by home construction industry

If this resonates with you keep following. The design of the home is already completed, building permit is expected to be in place within days and blog instalments to tell specifics will follow within days. The project is intended for to be fully public

Architects rendering of the home on its site